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About Olga

Olga Eremeyev is a neurologist from Russia with 18 years of experience working with both adults and children. Her experience in Oriental Medicine started in Russia as well, where she practiced acupuncture and homeopathy for many years. She received her Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York and has built a private practice shortly afterward.


Olga works with both adults and children. Her approach to treatment relies most heavily on acupuncture, though supplemental herbal and/or massage treatments are used in some cases. Various methods of acupuncture treatment are used including dry needle technique of trigger points. Her approach is to make an accurate diagnosis from the point of view of Oriental Medicine after a careful assessment of symptom patterns and, in treatment, to balance the natural sources of energy within, allowing the body to 'heal itself.' In this way of treatment, the mind is harmonized along with the body, which is the only way a person is able to enjoy true health according to the canons of Oriental Medicine.


Olga also provides professional advice on nutrition and prescribes patient-specific detoxification diets

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