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What to Expect During your Visit


Your first visit will be 90 minutes, so you should make sure you have your schedule cleared during that time. You should not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to and for 24 hours following your acupuncture treatment. You should not come in for treatment on an empty stomach, but also do not eat right before your appointment. Either of these will disturb the natural flow of Qi within your body. The doctor will ask you questions not just about the specific condition you are experiencing at the time, but about your entire medical history, your energy levels, your lifestyle and nutrition habits. This is necessary to form a complete diagnosis in TCM.


The approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to heal the whole body, not just a specific part. Therefore it is a methodical, and sometimes slow, process. One should not expect to be 'cured' in one visit, especially if the condition is chronic. However, one session of acupuncture is often effective in treating acute and/or recently developed conditions, such as acute whooping cough or a recently sustained muscle/ tendon injury. In addition, even patients with more chronic and serious conditions often see significant, though not 'magical' results after the first session. The approach of TCM is to target each patient's personal composition and state of overall health. Therefore, each person experiences a personal and unique response to acupuncture treatment.


Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture needling itself is not a painful process. The needles are much too thin and the insertion process much too gentle to cause any pain in itself. The pain that some patients may experience in certain points is due to a blockage or lack of Qi. Depending on the patient, the sensation caused by needling may vary from nothing at all, to slight tingling, to a feeling of something flowing beneath the skin. Of course, with conditions such as really tense muscles or swelling due to tendon inflammation, the patient must be ready for some pain, though it varies from person to person.


We do not currently accept any insurance plans. However, many insurance companies agree to reimburse their clients for acupuncture treatment. We will be happy to print out a bill/receipt for you to present to your insurance company after you have made the payment.

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